Satellite Reception (Santa Maria Green Hills)

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It is forbidden, as agreed at the 2007 AGM Minute 6 for an Owner / Resident (Tenant) to install their own satellite dish at Santa Maria Green Hills or have any external cables running on the facade of the building(s).

At Santa Maria Green Hills there are two large satellite dishes on the roof of each block which can receive the signals transmitted from the main TV and Radio satellites. In order to receive these signal(s) from the appropriate satellite, the satellite dish has to be aligned towards their respective satellite i.e. ASTRA satellite(s).

ASTRA satellite(s) transmit the signals necessary for receiving Sky Television as well as other TV channels and Radio channels.

Assuming one of the dishes is aligned to the ASTRA satellite then you should be able to receive these signals. The problem is that these signals are very weak when they reach Spain and not all systems installed will be capable of picking up these weaker signals. The reason for this is the signals are transmitted using a beam that is tightly focused for coverage to United Kingdom and the further away the installation is from the United Kingdom the weaker the signal becomes. 

The system in this instance comprises of 3 main elements:-

          1. Satellite Dish
          2. LNB (Low Noise Block)
          3. Satellite Receiver

(Note: The LNB is positioned at the end of the arm located on the front of the satellite dish that receives the very low level signal from the satellite, amplifies it, and sends the signal via the cable to the satellite receiver)

The size of the satellite dish and LNB installed at Santa Maria Green Hills are capable of receiving these weaker signals but it is also important to have a satellite receiver with a "High Gain" capability for dealing with these weaker signals. If all these points are taken into consideration then it is likely that a high quality TV picture should be able to be obtained.

Santa Maria Green Hills Owners / Residents (Tenants) who would like to receive satellite Television and Radio Channels direct to their apartments must use the existing infrastructure and ductwork within the building using an authorised installer and is the only satellite installation method that will be endorsed. Details on how to install an approved satellite installation at Santa Maria Green Hills can be obtained on another webpage on this website.

Please Note:- This webpage is hidden on the public domain and only available to Registered Santa Maria Green Hills Owners who must obtain a valid User Name and Password to gain access to this webpage.