Santa Maria Green Hills - Owners and Community Rules

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Below is an extract of a letter which was delivered to all Santa Maria Green Hills apartments by the Promoter for all Owners to read and comply with.

A copy of the original letter is available to all Registered Owners within the "SMGH Utilities" Tab in PDF format.


Dear Owners,                                                                             Marbella, 13th July 2006 

The purpose of this informative letter is to advise you on behalf of the President of the Community of Proprietors “Santa María Green Hills” that to avoid major infringement of the Divisional Horizontal Property Law and the Community statues, or future legal proceedings, the following guidance notes should be adhered to.

Sun blinds and awnings
It is forbidden to install awnings of a different colour, shape or design from those authorised by the Community.


Satellite dishes
The installation of antennae and satellite dishes on the terrace or the façade of the building is prohibited, other than those provided and initially installed by the Promoter in the designated places.


Reforms / procedures 


The first step is to open informal discussions with the Community President and Vice-President in order to establish what is planned in principle.

There are strict guidelines in that there is to be:

          a) No encroachment upon community space

          b) No enclosure of terraces

          c) No alteration in the proportions of enclosed / unenclosed space

          d) No detraction from the architectural integrity of the complex

          e) No technical incompatibility with existing services

           f) No interference to neighbours 

Having gained tentative approval, detailed drawing and specifications must be prepared describing the work to be done. These have to be submitted for approval to the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and the incipient complex’s architect.

The final step is for the proposal to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval.

This should be no more than a formality if the process has been followed as outlined above, being presented by the President with the approval of both Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and the architect, to the annual assembly for deliberating and voting either the acceptance or rejection of the proposal submitted, unanimity vote is the requirement for the acceptance for it to become precedence under the Divisional Horizontal Property Law.


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Santa Maria Green Hills - Community Rules

Please observe the following rules for the benefit of all residents & guests:

Use of the gardens and swimming pools

Use and appearance of buildings


At all times, please remember that other residents may be sleeping or resting and conduct your behaviour accordingly. Be aware that sound carries a long way especially when windows and doors are open, so keep noise levels low. Do not participate in any activity that could cause noise, disturbance or any annoyance to others.

Do not allow your dog to persistently bark either in your apartment or on the terrace.

Residents, Guests and Owners who rent out their apartment shall be responsible for any damage caused in the communal areas and will be charged for the cost of repairs.

Owners who rent their apartments are to display the Community Rules inside their apartment.

The Community and its officers will not be responsible from any claim arising from the use of the facilities and equipment.

Please click on the attachment below to obtain a PDF of the Santa Maria Green Hills Community Rules